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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello again. i'm jessica kartalija. >> don scott. >> lots of rain overnight could cause serious problems in our area. taking a look. a flash flood watch remains in effect. derek valcourt has more. marty is tracking live radar. let's go to first warning doppler radar. there's no surprise it's raining. yesterday we started talking about one to three inches of rain. we got about an inch of rain so far. we're talking about a pretty big area that will income paths susquehanna bay shed, deep potomac water shed.
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name a water. name a creek. there will be impact. let's take a look at our watch, warning and advisory graphic. all watches have been extended through tomorrow night at about 8:30 or 9:00. generally the rain that's going to fall will be in the light to moderately light range but of ri once in awhile, like yesterday, you're going to get a thunderstorm move through the area or a heavier cell of rain. it's a one-two punch, cumulative effect. yet, it is a trope calg conveyor belt. these are the remnants of lee. the big eves problem is because of hurricane katia. >> our complete coverage
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continues with derek valcourt. >> reporter: hi, jessica, it looks like the ground was soaked before irene came through. that soaked ground really does weaken many of the trees, making them more suspectable to fall. you can blame it on the rain. looks like we'll be drenched all week long. irene did plenty of damage, toppling trees, which, in turns pour lines, knock -- power lines, knocking out electricity. it's affecting tree roots. check out this tree downed last week by irene. the hole it left in the ground, now filled with water, a sign of how saturated soils are and how vulnerable trees can be. >> you have trees that are not already straight up, already leaning. you got a soaked ground and the potential for wind coming along knocking them down on our line.
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we've retained crews that were with us for the irene cleanup. we've already said we will be feeling the effects of irene for not only days and weeks, but possibly months to come. >> reporter: bge says about the only power you have, if you have a tree on your own property that's leaning over a power line, they say the best thing you can do is call a private contractor. have that tree taken out. otherwise, you're at the mother nature of mother nature. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage. for the latest on the storms, log on to stocks fell sharply
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following big losses following the losses in europe as well as a bleak jobs report that shows no growth in employment last month. as of a few moments ago the dow is over 212 points down. the s&p and nasdaq are also posting significant losses at this hour. the struggling job market is an issue on capitol hill. the president is preparing to unveil his plan on thursday. his republican challengers are also rushing out plans of their own. here's danielle nottingham. >> reporter: president obama gave a sneak preview of his jobs flan detroit, challenging congress to get onboard. >> i'm going to propose ways to put america back to work that both parties can agree to because i still believe both parties can work together. >> reporter: but republicans who want the president's job is
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slamming his approach. >> having never worked in the private sector, never having a real job, it's no surprise he doesn't know how to create a real job. >> reporter: mitt romney announced his plans. lowering the corporate tax rate and eliminating capital gains and dividend taxes for the middle class. ahead of the president's job speech before the joint section of congress thursday, his republican challengers will get a chance to debate their ideas wednesday night. it will be texas governor rick perry's first time on stage with the other presidential hopefuls. >> if this president wants to have a jobs speech, he needs to stand up and say we're going to repeal obamacare. >> reporter: tea party favorite, michele bachmann has been flashing her credentials as a small business owner. >> my husband and i have created jobs and run a successful business. >> reporter: today bachmann is dealing with a campaign shake-up after the exit of two top
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staffers. in washington, daniel nottingham. >> bachmann's exiting campaign manager said the gop race is between perry and romney with bachmann running in third place. the grand prix is over and the streets are getting back to normal. the grandstands are coming down along with tents, fences and barriers. race organizers estimated between 150,000 and 160,000 people attended last weekend's grand prix. years after she starved herself has part of a cult, a woman is speaking out. ria ramkissoon is speaking to the media for the first time about the ordeal. ramkissoon said she recognizes now that starving the boy because help wouldn't say amen at meals was craze disi.
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15-month-old javon died in his mother's arms. the cult leader queen antoinette is serving prison time. don? >> ramkissoon eventually took a plea deal stating prosecutors would drop all the charges if the baby rose from the dead. a big win after miami but nationwide it seems plenty of people are talking about their new uniforms. before the game the terps debuted a new uniform made by under armour. lebron james tweeted-- maryland uniforms, eew. just go to and look under the quick links session to
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compete against our team of experts. there are weekly winners and a grand prizewinner, so sign up now. the only place you can catch the game live is right here on wjz 13. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon, crews try to contain dozens of wildfires. the latest on their efforts. return to sender. the head of the u.s. postal service is back. every day potentially harmful germs
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firefighters are hoping mother nature help them contain huge fires in texas. >> it's historic. we've never seen fire seasons like this. we've never seen droughts like this. people know they have to be
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extremely careful. texas governor rick perry said the flames destroyed at least 1,000 homes over the holiday weekend. more than 50 fires are burning across the state. at least two team people have been killed, including an 18-month-old girl. the head of the u.s. postal service will be on capitol hill asking for big changes. the post master general said he's facing losses of $8 billion or more. he wants permission to make cost cutting changes like eliminating saturday mail delivery. he could also cut up to 120,000 jobs. >> after sustaining damage in last month's earthquake, the national cathedral is planning to open its doors. it plans to open for 9/11. the repairs to the towers will take months or years to finish but safety net and scaffolding have been put in place to
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protect against falling debris. >> your updated forecast is two and a half minutes away. first, let's take a look at today's midday stocks followed by last,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's just go right to first
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warning doppler radar. it's real interesting if you enjoy the discussion of weather exactly what's going on. the forecast and the results we're going to see over the next 36 hours are not interesting. they could be pretty severe in some locations. for conversation purposes it's interesting how we're into this pickle. we have shower activity. you know more is coming our way. go down to the tropics. it will help explain a lot. katia is a very strong hurricane that's not coming to the east coast. it will go northwest. imagine the area of dominant influence of this energy out in the ocean once it gets a beam of us. we've now stoved up the atmosphere along the coast. and, you still have the remnants have want to move from west to east. remember, everything moves from west to east ultimately.
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this can't get here until this gets there. that is the problem. yeah, there's a lot of rain down there but on any general day, would it be here. it would be through. it would be gone. right now it's katia that's causing a bit of an issue. the atmosphere is backing up. not unlike the beltway. 89% humidity a northeast breeze at 12. 12 degrees cooler now than it was at this time yesterday in the low 60s. temperatures have not moved since don and i signed off the morning edition. still in the 50s in cumberland. it's in the low to mid-60s pretty much area wide. here's your satellite photo. again, we've got this frontal boundary. we've got moisture running right along it, the boundary being a conduit. it gets to the coast and can't get out of its own way. we may not have a good clear out
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until we get to thursday when the remnants of lee just an area of low pressure finally move away. by the way, why mi walking away? move away and we see clearing thursday night. we've extended the flood watch out until tomorrow night. i could see there going into thursday morning. we've got rain affecting the susquehanna waters, potomac water shed, jones stall water shed. it's just a -- we're in a pickle. we've got clouds, showers. word the forecast any way you want, the same until tomorrow night. low 70s. finally up to 80. we'll look at the five-day forecast coming up shortly. still to come, the so-called west memphis three are finally free. for the first time they're speaking out about their,,,,,,,,
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three men spend 17 years behind bars for a murder some say never committed.
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good afternoon, erin. >> it's great seeing you don. >> give us the bases of the story. >> well this is an unusual end to an ub usual case. in 1993 three young boys were murder and three teenagers were charged and convicted. one even put on death row. over the years there was a lot of evidence that indicated these three gays didn't do it. what was shocking on august 19th, the state of arkansas released them with this very strange unusual plea where they were allowed to say they were innocence but they had to plead guilty, but the state let them out. >> you go into what's going to happen in the future. >> yes. we talked to them in this hour that's coming up about their
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future. i am concerned because they are victed felons. yet, there is a great amount of evidence that indicates someone else killed the boys and leaves the poor families in limbo. >> you can watch her report on saturday night at 10:00 right here on wjz 13. >> be sure to check in at 4, 5 and 6. paying a price to clean up irene's mess. plus, the big changes that make getting the vaccine less scary. >> stay with us, the medicare. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan...
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let's take a look at the five-day forecast. friday, 82. saturday, that's what the computer is saying. i want to put in chance for an isolated shower. make plans saturday. don't fret the simple. sunday, for the ravens home opener against the pittsburgh steelers, sunny and 82 degrees. break out the camo shorts. >> don't miss tonight's lineup.
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tonight it's "ncis los angeles." stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11. >> thanks for watching us. i'm jessica kartalija. >> don scott. >> i'm marty bass. we'll have weather updates at bye-bye. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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